TCACLA Fall Meeting

Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church
October 29, 2022
8:30 – 12:30

Our keynote speaker is Dawn Rundman. She holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology and is Director of Resource Development at 1517 Media, the publishing ministry of the ELCA.
For 20 years Dawn has developed faith formation resources for children, youth, and families,
including curriculum, Bibles, and children’s books. She loves talking about the thrilling intersections of faith and neuroscience, especially when that means talking with book lovers about the ways that church libraries can support print literacy, biblical literacy, and
healthy child development.

Dawn lives in Edina with her prom date/newly ordained husband and their daughter. Their son lives 45 minutes away in Northfield where he’s a first year student at St. Olaf.

Session Description: “Let’s talk brains, books, and faith
development! Consider how churches can be rich contexts
for healthy development, with lively music, intergenerational
social interactions, and engaging stories and symbols that
surround children right from the start. We’ll explore how
experiences shape brain pathways starting in infancy and
throughout the first years of life. And we’ll affirm the ways
that church libraries can support healthy development
throughout childhood with an array of books for kids and
families to discover.”


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