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Gustavus Adolphus Church Library

Elaine Marsh Library

Plymouth Congregation Church
Minneapolis, MN

Plymouth’s Elaine Marsh Library’s collection includes over 3,000 books on current thinking on social justice issues, personal growth, and religion, as well as meaningful fiction for children, young adult, and adult readers. It is open 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Sundays and 6:00-9:00 p.m. Wednesdays during the program year. Go to www.librarycat.org/lib/PlymouthCC to see the library catalog.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Library

Shots of the Holy Trinity Church library. Caption under the animal picture over a display of children’s books: “Be glad they’re them and you are you – each a gem in life’s marvelous zoo!”


The parish of the Maternity of the Blessed Mary was established on February 20, 1949. When the first Mass was offered in the basement of a parishioner’s home, 138 adults and 44 children attended; the collection was $67.24; and the first baptism took place.

The present church was built in 1961-62. It is designed according to a Romanesque style of architecture and incorporates many symbols designed to enhance prayer within the church. Some of these include: (1) Twelve groups of 12 unique stained-glass windows on the north and south sides that symbolize the 144,000 seated as mentioned in the book of Revelations. (2) The Rose Window which depicts the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin. (3) The arches that support the walls and seem to say, “This is the royal temple of Christ.” (4) The Baldachin, the canopy over the main altar, that marks it as the throne of Christ.

Be sure to visit the parish library in Sirba Hall during the morning. It’s celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

The library, which is open after each of the weekend Masses, offers books, videos, and other resources for faith building for all ages. If you’d like a sneak peek at the collection, go to the Library Search section of the church website at maternityofmarychurch.org.

The Parish Library is open after each of the weekend Masses and is located in Sirba Hall.  The library offers many books, videos, and other resources for faith building for all ages.  You may search for items in our parish library on-line .

Prince of Peace Lutheran Library


The vision of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is to be “a life transforming community relevant in a changing culture.” The church opened on February 21, 1960, when 153 people worshiped at Park Brook Elementary School. The official sanctuary opened on April 10, 1960. That sanctuary is now being used as a small chapel and for Sunday School rooms. A second sanctuary, dedicated on December 11,1977, is now known as the Community Life Center and is used for Sunday evening worship, adult forums, receptions, fellowship, meals and large group meetings. The current worship center, which has room for 750 people, was dedicated in October, 1997. That addition added more Sunday School rooms and a new kitchen.

The church library is a welcoming, informal room, with resources to help people grow in their faith journeys. It is open before and after each Sunday worship service. New books and other items are added every month. They are either purchased by the library team or provided as donations. The team has several dedicated members who volunteer for tasks they enjoy, such as staffing the library on Sundays, re-shelving books, promoting library use, purchasing new materials, cataloging and processing new materials, writing short book reviews or working on special projects.

livrary 2

During your visit to the church, be sure to look at the beautiful 50th Anniversary Stained Glass Memorial Window which was dedicated on Palm Sunday, March 28, 2010.



St Philips Lutheran Church Library

St. Philip’s Lutheran Church is a community church centered on Christ that invites everyone to come and see Jesus.  It was formally organized in Fridley in 1958.  The current building, with its unique baldachin over the chancel area, was constructed shortly after the tornadoes of 1965; the fellowship hall and kitchen were added in 1991 when extensive remodeling was done. Nearby Moore Lake provides a lovely setting for an outside worship area and a recently installed columbarium.

St Phillips

The library has been in existence since the church’s earliest beginnings. In the early 2000’s, it was closed temporarily while records were computerized and cataloguing was changed to the Dewey Decimal System. Thanks to the efforts of the entire library team, this project was completed in one month!

Annual Holiday Book Fairs raise money for the library.  Its books are both purchased and donated. There is always a display of new books as well as displays for special occasions and holidays.  The current display features books on Martin Luther and the Reformation.

The library is open whenever the church is open.  A member of the library group is present on Sunday mornings in September through May. Checkout is self-service.


St Michael’s Lutheran Church Library

The church library’s patrons can search the collection from anywhere by using LibraryWorld’s Online Patron Access Catalog (OPAC).




St Peder’s Lutheran Church Library
Browse books in St. Peder’s online card catalogSt Peder's Evangelical Lutheran Church

We have books, dvds, media and magazines for all ages and interests.






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