TCACLA Fall Meeting October 2016

TCACLA Fall Meeting
October 22, 2016  

 The next TCACLA meetinSt Peder's Evangelical Lutheran Churchg will be on the morning of Saturday, October 22, at St. Peder’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. The church is located at 4600 East 42nd Street in south Minneapolis.

Although the agenda for the meeting hasn’t been finalized yet, the following activities are being planned:

  • A presentation by Jessica Zillhart about religious materials in the public library system.
  • The annual business meeting where we’ll be electing a Vice President and Treasurer for the 2017-2018 term.
  • Concurrent roundtable discussions on (1) cataloging and classification, (2) weeding and rotation of older materials, and (3) church library presence in social media: your church’s website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

As always, there will be opportunities to exchange ideas with other church librarians, visit the church’s library, and participate in the book swap.

The Fall issue of Off the Shelf will include a complete schedule for the morning, along with a registration form.

If you do not receive the Off the Shelf newsletter please watch for the next posting which will include a registration form or contact the Off the Shelf editor at

SpringHouse Ministry Center
1278983_606893809373038_1792474038_o (1)

SpringHouse Ministry Center is a new way to be church in the 21st century.  It is a way in which congregations can become more environmentally & financial stable, allowing them to be free to do God’s mission in new ways.  SpringHouse is also a space where the wider community can meet, renew, grow and work for wholeness. We are a partnership of three local congregations: First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ),  Salem English Lutheran Church and Lyndale United Church of Christ. Each congregation worships in its own way and together we share common ministries such as education and mission.  More information at


215 256 257


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